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To conduct your business operations effectively and efficiently.

Our Products

We have range of our own developed products to cater regular business processes of any organization that ensures smooth run of the company in paperless manner. Our products are innovative yet reliable. These products can be easily customized to cater specific client's requirements. Sometimes we will customize the product free of charge to cater client's specific requirments.

We deliver our products for cost effective rates that will guarantee the client pay less than what he get. Most of our products do not come with high software licence cost as they are running on open source platform. Therefore the client will be free from high software licence cost.

Featured Products

Memorandom Management System

Featured product for create and manage company memorandoms online easy and effective manner with configurable work flow, automated approver process and inbuilt automated notification.

Inward Mail Registry System


Stationary Management System

Easily manage company stationaries with well define process from purchase order to issuing goods with comprehensive reporting.

SMS Advertising Studio